Our Commitment


All our products are designed and manufactured in New
Aquitaine from materials collected in France in a
short circuit manufacturing logic.
Our project is based on the principle of upcycling, i.e.
the recycling of materials intended for disposal. We use industrial fabric scraps, end of series to offer them a second life.
We avoid the waste of quality materials and
participate in the zero-waste movement.

Innovative &Collaborative

Bunny & Co works with local designers to realize products that are durable, functional and aesthetic.

We involve artists like Moon (painter and interior designer) to create unique and original pieces inspired by the history of the collected materials.

We design our prototypes and manufacture our products with a welfare-to-work programme of our region. Through this collaboration, we promote the employment of people in difficulty.


Unique &Handmade

Each one of our parts is handcrafted in small series. The materials used (fabrics, straps, fasteners) vary according to the arrival of recovered materials. So each creation is unique and tells its own story.